Are you stuck in overwhelm and mom guilt?

You worked hard in college and possibly passed the CPA exam.  You landed that great job and you’ve been working diligently, creating a great career.  Then you decided to have a family and you started to struggle with balancing your work life with your family life.

Now what?

How do you handle:

  • The overwhelm of being successful in your career while being the best mom to your children
  • The mom guilt that plagues most working moms (no matter how old your children are)
  • The career expectations of your employer and your own goals
  • Knowing how to set healthy boundaries
  • The looks you get from coworkers when you leave at 5:30 pm to pick up your kids from the babysitter
  • How to be as valuable to your employer as possible
  • How to possibly handle being a single parent
  • Where to fit in self-care

If this sounds like you, I have the solution.

I can give you tips in about 20 minutes that will have you thinking about things differently.  You’ll be able to get unstuck, get clear and get going.

We will jump on the phone for about 20 minutes and I will help you through some of the blocks that are keeping you from feeling better and having a better life.  Whatever area in your life is giving you trouble, I will help you discover where those blocks come from and how to change them.

I’m going to teach you how to manage your mind so that you never get to the point where you feel stuck again.

As soon as we get off the phone you will be able to start applying my tips right there, that day.

You will simply call a phone number I will provide.  We’ll talk for about 20 minutes and afterwards I’ll tell you about some other opportunities that I have for you to work with me on a longer term basis.

Once you jump on this call with me and you’re able to start applying what I teach, you will notice a better sense of control over the next few days.

You’ll become aware of what is causing the feelings, actions and results you’ve been having.

You’ll be able to see it clearly.  That’s when the magic happens.

What’s it worth to be able to solve any problem that comes your way?

Give me 20 minutes and I’ll show you.