5-Week Self-Confidence Challenge

Did you know that self-confidence isn’t something you’re born with?

Don’t worry because most people don’t.

I will teach you how to create it for yourself.

This Free 5-Week Self-Confidence Challenge is going to have you thinking, feeling and acting in ways you probably haven’t been before.

Each week you will be sent an email that will teach you about an aspect of self-confidence and provide an exercise to apply what you’ve learned.

  • Week #1 will cover what self-confidence really is.
  • Week #2 will explore why you want self-confidence.
  • Week #3 is when you will learn where self-confidence comes from.
  • Week #4 will show you how to increase your self-confidence.
  • Week #5 we will summarize and discuss what’s next.

There will be a private Facebook Group set up just for this 5-Week Self-Confidence Challenge.

If you’ve struggled with self-confidence this Free 5-Week Self-Confidence Challenge is for you!

Not only will you learn how to create self-confidence but you will also be offered the opportunity to do a Bonus exercise to take what you’ve learned to go even further.

The Free 5-Week Self-Confidence Challenge begins Sunday, September 15th

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